Transactions Advisory & Consulting Service

We assist clients in design and implementation of efficient business model in line with business requirements so as to enable company to operate efficiently and cost effective manner.

We help clients in identification of critical strategic, operational and tax implications related aspects of the business and accordingly design systems, processes and flow of transactions. It helps companies in pre-determination of blue-print of transactions well in advance before the execution.

Our services include,

  • Understanding the existing business structure and advise for a more administrative and tax efficient group structure
  • Advice on innovative solutions and structures for implementing new projects
  • Assistance in set-up of systems, processes and documentation of SOPs
  • Advice on realignment of group structures for inviting strategic investments in specific business of the group
  • Advise on business modeling and transactions flow taking into consideration tax implications, operational challenges and business requirements
  • Assistance in feasibility studies, preparing project report and financial projections to pitch bankers and strategic investors
  • HR consulting
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